Hush Wedding Soiree Vendor Spotlight: Fusion DJ Entertainment

Tell us a little about yourself and your work

I bring more than fifteen years experience, specializing in all kinds of events, and I’ve been focusing on weddings for the past 10 years. My teams’ music mix is always ‘one of kind‘, and our song selection stands apart from the rest because we make sure every event is truly ‘custom tailored’ for every client.

What do you love about weddings?

Every wedding is like a musical journey, from the moment guests walk in, to the last song of the night. We love crafting the music to guide and support every special moment of that journey.


Do you have a favourite memory from working at Terminal City Club?

The most memorable moments I’ve experienced working at TCC all took place in the main ballroom, watching the packed dance floor chant ‘One more song!’ at 1am.


Can you give us any hints of what you will be bringing to Hush?

The most important thing we’ll be bringing with us is our knowledge, experience, and ability to educate engaged couples how a great live DJ performance can help elevate their wedding, creating perfect memories to last a lifetime.

What wedding planning tip would you give to an engaged couple?

One thing we often recommend is if you’re going to have more than three guests speaking in a row, it’s always a good idea to space out the rest of the speakers during the reception. This way you won’t lose your guests full attention.


Lastly, just for fun, what is something that not many people know about you?

My team and I are all big-time foodies.

Fusion DJ Entertainment

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