Hush Wedding Soiree Vendor Spotlight: Povazan Photography

The exciting Povazan Photography will be with us at Hush 2015! Read about this fun duo.

Tell us a little about yourself and your work

Unique, Edgy, Fun. These are three words many of our previous clients have used to describe us and their experience working with us. As a husband and wife duo, weddings hold a special meaning for us and we love to photograph them. Our work is based on scenery mixed with emotional and dramatic portraiture, where people and light play the key roles. We pay attention to the details so the final images in our albums stand out in a crowd.


What do you love about weddings?

The thrill of the day: the adrenaline rush when the groom isn’t ready yet, still sitting in his shorts after a long night with his friends; the kids running around spontaneously; the old grandmother’s shaking hands when she hugs her granddaughter, the bride, after the ceremony – these real moments will last forever. They may seem trivial at the time, but they are priceless when captured.


Do you have a favourite memory from working at Terminal City Club ?

We once worked with a couple from Singapore, who booked us online without ever meeting us. When we finally got a chance to meet them on the wedding day at Terminal City Club, the groom – a big tennis player – shocked us when he told us all the famous Slovakian tennis players’ names. He loved our wedding portfolio, and as soon as he found out we were Slovaks, he said he knew we weren’t going to disappoint him. It was an amazing feeling, and a great compliment, to be recognized before the couple had even seen their images.


Can you give us any hints of what you will be bringing to Hush?

Simple yet powerful wedding imagery, presented with the high-end products our clients deserve.


What wedding planning tip would you give to an engaged couple?

Drink lots of water during the day, so you still feel fresh at your first dance, and live the day the way you’ve always wanted to. It’s your wedding – no one else’s.

POVAZAN5Lastly, just for fun, what is something that not many people know about you?

We hiked to the base camps on Annapurna and Mt. Everest within 4 weeks, at a pace even the local Nepali sherpas could not believe – especially with all the photography gear we carried up there! It’s hard to tire us out, so get ready!

Povazan Photography


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