Hush Wedding Soiree Vendor Spotlight: Sunlit Letterpress

Hush 2015 Vendor Spotlight Interview – Sunlit Letterpress

Tell us a little about yourself and your work

I am the owner, lead designer, and printer at Sunlit Letterpress, a Vancouver-based, multiple award-winning letterpress design and printing studio located just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I fell in love with letterpress early in my design career after reading an article about the dying art. I studied letterpress at the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design in Vancouver under the late Jim Rimmer – renowned Canadian letterpress master printer, type designer, type founder, and illustrator.  In our Vancouver letterpress studio we use vintage printing presses from the late 1800s and early 1900s to craft each piece of stationery by hand. All our letterpress stationery is designed and printed in-house (we don’t farm out our letterpress printing!) using the highest quality materials and experienced craftsmanship.


What do you love about weddings?

We love being one of the first vendors that a bride and groom consult with – since inviting guests to the wedding is first priority after you set a date and pick a venue! It means so much that our creative work will make the first impression that a bride and groom’s wedding guests will have of the upcoming special day. We love creating stationery for life’s special moments!


Do you have a favourite memory from working at a wedding or with an engaged couple?

One of my favorite moments working with an engaged couple was when I had a consultation with a bride and groom whose wedding was previously postponed due to a death in the bride’s immediate family. It was an emotional time, but we discussed how important it was to include symbols that were special to the deceased in the wedding invitation. The wedding stationery design had a very special meaning for those close to the family. I was so honoured to create their invitations, and to work to incorporate special memories for the bride and groom in their wedding stationery.

Can you give us any hints of what you will be bringing to Hush?

We will have samples and take-aways available so brides and grooms can see and feel the difference impression printing makes. Letterpress printing leaves an impression on paper and provides a timeless, tactile quality that other printing methods cannot.


What wedding planning tip would you give to an engaged couple?

I think there is so much focus these days on “it’s all about you” and “make it your day”; and I completely understand wanting to make the day your own. However; I think it’s important to realize just how special your wedding day is to your loved ones as well. From the day you were born, whether you are a bride or groom, your parents probably imagined this day and looked forward to it and your happiness as much as you are. I think it’s important to include your family as much as possible in the planning and preparations, if they are eager to participate. You and your future spouse can and should make the final decisions of course; but everyone likes to be feel included and that their opinion matters.


Lastly, just for fun, what is something that not many people know about you?

I was stung by a sting ray while on vacation in Mexico as a teenager. I don’t recommend it!


Sunlit Letterpress

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